Completed projects

Experimedia Blue

Framework: FP7
Duration: 2012-2013

Experimedia BLUE is a part of the European project Experimedia (link is external), dedicated to the exploration of new forms of social and networked media experiences. BLUE aims at exploring means to enrich the experience of museum visitors both during their visits and in their connected life.

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Unified web site for the history of the University of Athens

Framework: Information Society, GSRT
Duration: 2008-2009
Description: This project aimed to organize exhibits from the Athens University History Museum and the Athens University Historical archive through an ontology, allowing the user to traverse semantic paths between exhibits to explore the history of the University.
Web site:
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wt-Protégé project

Framework: Independent research activity
Duration: 2007
Description: wt-Protégé extends the Protégé ontology management environment, by incorporating functionality for modeling, retrieval and visualization of:
  • temporal data, i.e. data where each value is associated with a period-type timestamp
  • weighted data, i.e. data where each value is associated with a real number, its weight.
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Chorochronos project

Framework:ESPRIT IV
Description:The main objective of CHOROCHRONOS is to allow European researchers working on spatial and temporal databases to achieve a higher understanding of each other's work, integrate their results and methodologies, and advance the state of the art in this area through an intensive three-year research program.
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