Kalamata 1821: roads of freedom

The project aims to study and exhibit to the wider public, important local parameters of the 1821 era and their interconnections with the present, through roads of history, culture and trade. Emphasis will be given to specific aspects of the 1821 Revolution beginning in Kalamata, with important historic significance and strong interrelation with the wider area (e.g. preparation for the uprising, economic life of the region, beginning of the revolution, Navarino naval battle), in order to describe the 200 years of history and the historic correlations.

By using new vision and multimedia technologies, it will be attempted to interactively depict the historic moments to the citizens/visitors of Kalamata, on a permanent basis. Through the multimedia platform that will be created, the interested person will not only be able to be informed of the historic events, but also, he/she will be motivated to move to several locations of interest in the city or the area (geo-monuments), to 'live and feel' the life style of the era and to participate in the interactive games that will be developed.

In addition, based on the project's outcomes, there will be created and institutionalized a series of cultural, trade and touristic activities, that will constitute a timeless point of reference for the city of Kalamata. Finally, a 'non material brand' will be created, under the name '1821', which will be awarded by the Kalamata municipality to public and private entities for their participation/contribution to the respective activities.

Project status: