Application cases of the Additional Testsuites Framework

TitleApplication cases of the Additional Testsuites Framework
Publication Typetechreport
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsSotiropoulos P, Vassilakis C

The Additional Testsuites Framework is a novel test suite management approach, which allows for holistic management of test suites for any software program. In particular, the tests can be maintained in a centralized repository, and are expanded and maintained independently of specific versions of the associated program. Through the use of annotations, tests are categorized and distributed to the desired versions of the software program. Currently, the Additional Testsuites Framework concept has been implemented and successfully used for testing a number of real-world software programs, notably including the JBoss Server. The presented framework also supports test-based development, while it can also support additional functionalities, such as dynamic/selective program builds. In this report, we provide a list of notable cases where the AT Framework has been applied on real-world software programs.

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