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We are always looking for excellent Ph.D. candidates to join us. If you are interested in joining our group send an email to a teaching/research member of our group with your CV, research interests, and an explanation why you think there is a good match with the ongoing efforts of our group.
Research areas
The Software and Database Systems laboratory (SoDa.Lab) develops research activities in state-of-the-art areas related to software systems and databases, including P2P systems, distributed systems, information representation and management, databases with special features.
Above all else, is the data!
And the Software and Database Systems Laboratory (SoDa.Lab) at the University of the Peloponnese is the expert at ... manipulating data. Join us to this to this powerful and magical world!

More specifically, the SoDa.Lab supports the following research and teaching activities within the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications:
  • develops research activities in state-of-the-art areas related to software systems and databases, including information representation and management (in areas pertaining to information retrieval/filtering, knowledge bases, information semantics), distributed computing (mainly cloud, grid, P2P, and multi-agent systems), databases with special features (such as object-oriented, spatial, temporal, and XML), big data and data streams, data mining, data & user anonymity/privacy, service-oriented computing as well as related applications (including, e-government, e-health, and digital libraries);
  • coordinates and implements R&D projects funded under Greek/European funding bodies, or under private/public institutions, while its members participate in many national and international projects/collaborations with top research institutions;
  • provides a workplace for PhD candidates, postgraduate students, and affiliated researchers who specialise on areas relevant to the laboratory's interests;
  • provides the necessary infrastructure in terms of manpower and hardware/software for supporting a number of undergraduate courses including Databases, Data/Information Management, Information Retrieval, Systems Programming, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, and Data Management Systems. Moreover it supports a number of postgraduate courses including Big Data, Distributed Information Management, Internet Programming, Net centric Computing, Data/Knowledge Management taught at (inter-)departmental study programs;
  • is equipped with state-of-the-art workstations provided with specialized software including software development environments, database management systems, libraries for developing parallel/distributed applications, an intra-grid and a private cloud environment, as well as environments for distributed execution of programs.

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