Special Issue "Digital Systems for Tourism"

Dear Colleagues,

Digital systems are increasingly being used to support multiple stakeholders and tasks in the tourism sector, including the provision of tourist information and personalized planning to individual tourists and tourist groups, fostering the work of tourism-related enterprises, underpin tourism planning, and so forth. To this end, relevant digital systems employ novel or suitably adapted methods and algorithms and exploit multiple sources of data, such as tourist profiles, linked open data, and social media.

This Special Issue aims to promote new methods, algorithm applications, and platforms related to the area of applying digital systems in the tourism sector. In this Special Issue, all aspects of the area of digital systems in the tourism sector, from user tourist profiling to recommender systems for tourism and from social media analysis for tourism to concrete and novel tourist and platform applications. Submissions should describe original, significant, and unpublished work. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Recommender systems for tourism;
  • Personalized experiences generation for tourism;
  • Tourist profiling for personalization;
  • Smart tourism applications;
  • Social media analysis for tourism;
  • Opinion mining for tourist enterprises and destinations;
  • Virtual and augmented reality for the tourism sector;
  • Analysis of big data for tourism;
  • GIS technologies for tourism;
  • Novel tourism applications;
  • Case studies of real-world tourism platforms and applications;
  • Cross-disciplinary approaches on digital systems for tourism;
  • Linked open data for tourism;
  • Digital systems in tourism planning

Prof. Dr. Costas Vassilakis
Prof. Dr. George Lepouras
Dr. Manolis Wallace
Guest Editors

Full special issue and submission information are available on the official special issue page.