Name Title
1990 An Object-Oriented Data Model for Hypermedia Systems
1992 Using Parallelism and Pipeline for the Optimisation of Join Queries
1993 Parallel Optimisation of Join Queries Using a Technique of Exhaustive Nature
1993 A Methodology for the Implementation of Software for the Design of Distributed Systems
1993 Comparative Study of Protocols of the Transport Layer for Multimedia Applications
1993 An Enhanced System for File Access in a Distributed UNIX Environment
1993 Enhancement of the X-Windows system with bilingual capabilities
1995 Transaction Support in a Temporal DBMS
1996 A Cost Model for the Estimation of Query Execution Time in a Parallel Environment Supporting Pipeline
1996 A Comparative Study of Temporal DBMS Architectures
1996 Second-Language Help for Windows Applications
1997 On right regular and right duo ordered semigroups
1997 A note on bi and quasi-ideals of semigroups, ordered semigroups
1998 Implementation of Transaction and Concurrency Control Support in a Temporal DBMS
1998 Temporal Extension to ODMG
1998 TOOBIS: Application of the Management of Temporal Data in Clinical Research
1998 Implementing Embedded Valid Time Query Languages
1998 On right regular and right duo poe-semigroups
1998 Dynamic Second Language Support for Web-based Information Systems
1999 Is Server-Side Programming Killing Your Web Server?
1999 Distributed information systems tailorability: A component approach
1999 Querying Temporal Constraint Networks in PTIME
1999 Tractable Query Answering in Indefinite Constraint Databases: Basic Results&Applications to Querying SpatioTemporal Information
1999 Querying Indefinite Spatial and Temporal Information: The New Frontier
1999 It's not Greek to me: Terminology and the Second Language Problem
2000 An Optimization Scheme for Coalesce/Valid Time Selection Operator
2000 Multilingual Web Site Construction and Maintenance
2000 An approach to designing and implementing virtual museums
2000 Function Oriented History Representation in Databases
2000 Querying Temporal and Spatial Constraint Networks in PTIME