Bringing a peripheral, traditional venue to the digital era with targeted narratives

TitleBringing a peripheral, traditional venue to the digital era with targeted narratives
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAntoniou A, Morillo SReboreda, Lepouras G, Diakoumakos J, Vassilakis C, Nores MLopez, Jones CEmma
JournalDigital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
Date Publishedsep
KeywordsCultural heritage, Museum app, Narratives, reflection, Visitor experience
AbstractThe current work presents a method of enhancing museum content with narratives targeting history reflection in a personalized manner, delivered by an especially designed mobile app. The mobile app is a part of a technology ecosystem that supports the visitor before, during and after her visit. Within the framework of the European H2020 CrossCult project, a method was designed, implemented and tested to enhance museum content with digital material, enriched narratives and means to actively engage visitors. In particular, the method was implemented and tested for the content of the Archaeological Museum of Tripolis (Greece) and specific content examples are presented here, together with data from visitor evaluation. The results showed that content was significantly and qualitatively enhanced and visitors recognized the potential of the app in triggering visitor curiosity, new forms of engagement, and the ability to reflect on the connections between historical and social phenomena.