PaloAnalytics project concept, scope and outcomes: an opportunity for culture

TitlePaloAnalytics project concept, scope and outcomes: an opportunity for culture
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsPoulopoulos V, Wallace M, Vassilakis C, Lepouras G
EditorAntoniou A, Wallace M
Conference NameProceedings of the Workshop on Cultural Informatics, co-located with the 14th International Workshop On Semantic And Social Media Adaptation And Personalization (SMAP 2019)
Keywordsbig data, data monitoring, Data visualization, deep learning, influencers, infographics, trending topics
AbstractThis paper describes the national funded project entitled PaloAnalytics, which develops an innovative platform that allows companies and organizations, that operate in several countries, to monitor and analyze, in depth, the markets’ interest to their products and successfully plan their marketing and communication strategy, with data and insights collected from all the local media, and focuses on its application to cultural spaces and museums. In this notion, we examine the effect that this project can have in cultural spaces or companies related to arts and culture. PaloAnalytics platform allows organizations to investigate the impact of their products on consumers across different countries and this is achieved with the analysis of content from sites, blogs, social networks and open data. This implies that cultural organization can benefit by adopting the implemented services, so that the can recognize and analyze their audience, their online marketing campaigns as well as examine the impact of their messages and the spread of their messages on the Internet. In this paper, we briefly describe the project and discuss on the impact on cultural related organizations.