Name Title
2007 Virtual reality in the e-Society
2007 Mobile and Context-Aware e-Commerce: Issues, Challenges and Research Directions
2007 The role of priority mechanisms on performance metrics of double-buffered Switching Elements
2007 Performance Evaluation of Distance Vector Routing Protocol on a Wireless Circular Model
2007 User profile ontology version 1
2008 Applying Clustering Algorithms to Web-based Adaptive Virtual Environments
2008 An Active Blackboard for Service Discovery, Composition and Execution
2008 Personal Ontology Creation and Visualization for a Personal Interaction Management System
2008 Context and Adaptivity-Driven Visualization Method Selection
2008 Selected Results of a Comparative Study of Four Ontology Visualization Methods for Information Retrieval tasks
2008 Improving Performance of Finite-buffered Blocking Delta Networks with 2-class Priority Routing by Asymmetric-sized Buffer Queues
2008 WhereRU: GPS position reporting and a personal ontology as a virtual community utility
2008 An Interview-Based User Study on the use of Visualizations for Folder Browsing
2008 Supporting Research in Historical Archives: Historical Information Visualization and Modeling Requirements
2008 Exception Resolution for BPEL Processes: a Middleware-based Framework and Performance Evaluation
2008 Unified web site for the history of the University of Athens
2008 Ontologies as Tools for Historians
2008 A Drupal CMS Module for Managing Museum Collections
2008 Evaluation study of a wireless multimedia traffic-oriented network model
2009 Exploiting Context in Mobile Applications
2009 A Heuristics-Based Approach to Reverse Engineering of Electronic Services
2009 Performance Evaluation of Multicast Routing over Multilayer Multistage Interconnection Networks
2009 Routing and Performance Evaluation of Dual Priority Delta Networks under Hotspot Environment
2009 QoS-Driven Adaptation of BPEL Scenario Execution
2009 QoS-aware Exception Resolution for BPEL Processes: A Middleware-based Framework and Performance Evaluation
2009 A framework for adaptation in secure web services
2009 Visualizing Hierarchies: Evaluating the Efficiency and Cognitive Effects of Six Visualization Techniques for Browsing and Management Tasks
2009 Capturing the historical research methodology: an experimental approach
2010 Ontologies and the Brain: Using Spreading Activation through Ontologies to Support Personal Interaction
2010 Spreading Activation Over Ontologies: From Personal Context To Web Scale Reasoning